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Jennifer Wust

Mountain River Drums creates a variety of quality handcrafted frame drums and beaters, log drums and gourd rattle drums all made from natural skins and wood.

Each drum is unique; its dimensions and tones determined by the size and quality of the skin. Drums can also be custom designed and made.

Established in 2003, by Jennifer, Mountain River Drums also offers Drum Making Workshops, Frame Drum Playing Workshops and facilitates Community Drum Circles.

It's intention is to increase awareness of the power of drumming as a tool for personal and planetary transformation.

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I am a maker of drums and a Reiki Master. I have been making drums for over 10 years. I live at Comara, in the mountain country, where the Macleay River flows through the valleys, making its way to the ocean. Its song I hear from my studio workshop. Its magic I wake to each morning. Its lullaby sings me to sleep each night.

As I co-create my drums I honor the gift of the Four-Leggeds; I honor the gift of the Standing Ones;
I give thanks to Grand Mother Earth and I ask for blessings from the Great Spirit.
The drum is a merging of earth and spirit; between self and soul.

The skin of the drum is a sacred gift of the Four-Leggeds.
The frame - round - a symbol of the continuity of life, of connection and interconnectedness; made of the tree, the Standing Ones, their roots deep in Grand Mother Earth, their trunk and branches reaching for the sky.

When the drum is played, there is power and connection. Our heartbeat, the heartbeat of the Four-Leggeds, the heart beat of Grand Mother Earth, traveling the skies, singing a song of connection.

For we all have a heartbeat, a pulse, a life force that is shared and honored as we drum. When we drum, we celebrate our joy and belonging.

Each drum I make is individually crafted, co-created with spirit. I attune each drum with sacred Reiki symbols, so it is energized with the power of healing and love.

I craft Frame Drums, 'River Drums' (double sided frame drums made from hand fleshed goat skins); Log Drums of all sizes and Gourd Rattle Drums. I create "Quivers", from beautiful gifts of the Winged Ones to adorn you, your drum and your home.

I also repair damaged drums and can supply hand fleshed goat skins when available.

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